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Portrait of Holly and Jared

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This page is dedicated to the members of our pack that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  I knew at some time we were going to need a memoriam page to honor our beloved and sorely missed RR's.  We can only hope as dog lovers, that perhaps one day in the future, we will maybe meet up again.  For now, they will live on forever in our memories which are kept strong by the many and happy photos and videos that we have of them. 

Tropaco Danu Royal Rocketeer, OA, OAJ, OJP, NAP
December 20, 1997  -  September 26, 2006

One of the fondest memories I have of Jared is how he loved to swim.  When we took him to Fiesta Island, he would swim out, grab the stick, and bring it back for his treat.  Then he would want to go out again and again.  Although he loved to swim, he didn't like water from the hose and sprinklers, and ran from the rain.  He competed in agility well enough to earn his open titles, and even competed a little at the excellent levels.  He was a very good boy who loved to play and romp all day long.  

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Tropaco By Golly Miss Holly OA, OAJ, NAP, HIC
May 7, 1997 - April 26, 2007

Holly was the smartest dog ever, which often enabled her to engage in plenty of mischief.  She was the first of our ridgebacks to earn an agility title, and was able to guide me through a course and qualify on my very first attempt!!  I'll never forget that day, and I was hooked from then on.  Holly continued to compete well enough to be RRCUS ranked number 10 Ridgeback in the country for 2001.  At home, we have many memories of her mischievous deeds, but with every one of our puppies,  she was the perfect "Auntie Holly" who gently guided them all. 

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